Dining Etiquette…Gone Barbarian

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At an established family restaurant this week, I saw a well-groomed woman, with a sweet disposition about her, lick the salad dressing right off her knife. Inserted into her mouth like a Popsicle, she licked the blade dry as if she wanted nothing to go to waste. From the tip of blade to the start of the handle, she cleaned the knife perfectly and elegantly set it down on her plate.

Of course, can’t you just see me sitting there, jaw dropped and eyes wide open?

The knife is made to cut food and move it around, not to be licked dry. Isn’t she afraid to cut her tongue? I know I’d be!

I’ve seen plenty of people use knives for picking meat from their teeth, prying bottles open and so on. But, for the sake of good manners, and to keep barbarian eating styles a thing of the past, I do advise keeping the knife in one’s hand and out of one’s mouth.

As tempting as it was, I did not offer her my business card. That would be a sign of another poor manner.

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  1. cacharlie says

    I like how this post models a lighthearted respectful reference to best etiquette practices. I think I could smile rather than cringe if I saw myself as the object of this lesson. Thanks for a helpful aid to my own good intentions in trying to share what I learn.

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